Mikel Ameen | World Changer Story

Hi my name is Mikel. 


Yes HEAVEN to me is nothing but a living experience projected through the energy of thought and intention.

But with 7.5 billion people on earth with 7.5 billion brains and an insurmountable amount of thoughts and intentions

HOW DO WE TRULY CREATE A PARADISE in this seemingly hellish existence.


Take complete responsibility for your OWN THOUGHTS, INTENTIONS & TRANSACTIONS those are the 1st steps to creating the reality you desire to live in.

I call that WorldChangerLife


The mind can be a dark place but thats because it has all the potential in the WORLD.

None of us were born to get it all right but we were born to try. We were born to pursue

We were born to master our challenges through our experiences.


YET. I am a HUMAN in pursuit just like you and i have dedicated my LIFE to trying, to pursuing and to overcoming the difficult challenges that face me, and as i overcome them

I AM HELPING OTHERS do the same.

So anything you see me do.

Music, Mindset Coaching, Cultural Experiences or other just know that my ultimate goal..... is


Much Love, Mikel Ameen......huuuuuuyyyy

Press release

Mikel Ameen is a man on a mission to CHANGE THE WORLD.

Artist, Producer, Mindset Coach and Entrepreneur are just a few of the hats he wears for his mission.

Hailing from the streets of London now residing in Nairobi Kenya.

Mikel uses his lifestyle brand WORLD CHANGER LIFE to encourage people to BE THE CHANGE THEY WISH TO SEE.

Described by Young Voice magazine as

'One of the most electrifying performers of his generation'

Mikel's musical sound could be described as Grime on a spiritual pilgrimage.

This statement is very fitting for someone who is both a hardcore lyricist and an owner of a travel company taking Africans in the diaspora back to Africa. see @VillageLinkUp.



2019 sees the beginning of a year long portal by Mikel Ameen called #2Hiii2gohell a new series of creative expressions in the form of Music, Dance videos, Poetry, Live Events & Podcasts centred around the subject of ‘Spiritual Health’.


Mikel first two offerings from this portal are CHEZA ROHO a monthly Live music experience in Nairobi Westlands dedicated to liberating people through Dance, and 2Hiii2gohell The Midnight podcast a daily show on Anchor, Spotify and Apple podcasts talking on the subject of spiritual health.