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Cheza Roho is a spiritual health game bringing you through the portals of Pleasure & Peace within self. Wildy expressive and deeply meditative, this game entices you to explore your vibrational reality through rhythm & breath. As the music shifts so does your ability to respond every move is a playful submission to the next and in that trance you find yourself in a euphoric dance with life itself and for the first time you will know the truth of the phrase I AM HEAVEN, HEAVEN IN THE NOW

Spiritual Health Coaching

Spiritual health coaching is about helping you create a balance between your

physical, psychological and Emotional rhythms in life.   

  • For someone to feel spiritually healthy they must feel like they have a clear sense of purpose for why they are alive. 

  • They must be able to look at their life beyond just existing but start to have a holistic point of view for why they exist. 

  • They must be able to graft purpose from all of their inclinations, wants, needs and desires, they must even find purpose and power in their weaknesses and be able to positively connect it to their strengths and overall highest intentions.

  • To be spiritually healthy is to have a holistic point of view on your daily life beyond your physical ,mental and emotional experiences but also your transcendental one. 


My role as a Spiritual Health coach will be to help you identify your Highest intentions,

the things in life that make up your highest excitement and begin the journey of curating your life so that your daily experience becomes a beautiful rhythm of 

peace, joy ,purpose, clarity & fulfilment.